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February 13, 2013
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PKMNRainbow, enoch the flighty by milkkun PKMNRainbow, enoch the flighty by milkkun

Application for #PokemonRainbow


i don't know a fenrir. ubel? what is an ubel? ok hi again, i've been wanting to have a new character for a while now and here we are

roleplaying is something i really look forward to so please contact me if interested!! i roleplay via notes, possibly skype, tempted to try out google docs, tumblr (tho i'd have to get one together for him if someone did want to) and just about anything else, tho you'll never catch me in the dA chat bc they crash way too much for me and it's just too much going on at once. i prefer para-style over everything else, tho i can try chat-style but i get kinda a wordy and eliminate the point to it. also group rps would be really fun bc one-on-ones aren't as interesting (though just as good) without a third dynamic, which is something i miss out on a lot bc i never go into chats, so if you'd be up for that let's get some people together~

▌█ : ✧「 NAME

-- enoch.

▌█ : ✧「 AGE

-- nineteen.

▌█ : ✧「 GENDER

-- male.

▌█ : ✧「 BIRTHDAY

-- august 20th.

▌█ : ✧「 HOMETOWN

-- an island off the coast of Fairchild Island, Orange Archipelago.


-- 5’11” / 168 lbs.


██▌ Such a childish, playful personality doesn’t seem to fit behind the frightening mask he’s seen wearing. While he’s a man of his own mysteries the bird-lover
██▌ isn’t reserved in the least. Straight-forward and honest (almost to a point of blunt cruelty) he’s very goal oriented without hesitation. Although not often serious
██▌ in personality, he’s very earnest about his work and the respect he has towards the existence of all beings. He sees his Pokémon as diligent allies, no
██▌ supremacy and inquires their advice on many obstacles in life; man and monster are one in the eyes of gods. Enoch is wise beyond his years, adept to survival
██▌ knowledge of fauna and flora to skills honed throughout his lifetime in the wild, making for a great person to go to if in seek of an honest opinion or astute
██▌ information. It’s not wise to beat around the bush as Enoch, despite having keen insight in the discoveries of the world, is rather oblivious to human
██▌ relations. A friend in Enoch is a friend indeed; he’ll always have your best interest in mind and spoil you in gifts and affection.


██▌ There isn’t much Enoch remembers from his childhood – his homeland, his parents – all he’s come to know is being raised and trained under his uncle as a
██▌ rare hunter. His parents died when he was young, causes still unbeknown to him. Leaving his older sister responsible for him and the twins; however they
██▌ weren’t alone, his father’s brother eagerly took responsibility for them, though the man was shifty. From his dark eyes that glistened only to despair and
██▌ selfish opportunity to his hairy yellow grin that raised the hair on the back of humans and ‘mon alike with its rare glow – they were better off alone than
██▌ with him. Although they live under a man who treated them like objects with a price tag, his sister never complained, she took his abuse and sultry stares with
██▌ compliancy but she was hardly broken. She looked out for family – what little she had left – she could put up with it all as long as they had a roof over their
██▌ heads and food in their stomachs, everything was going to be alright.
██▌ Things were slowly becoming routine; Enoch would train with his uncle while his sister Ina did household duties and raised the twins. However dissonance was
██▌ growing in the household that Enoch wishes he had sooner been aware of. Uncle Keinan and Ina relationship revolved around discord until one day she
██▌ just disappeared. His uncle proclaiming her death and insisting life resume on course. The thought never left Enoch’s mind that his uncle had something to do
██▌ with his sister’s undoing but now he was the oldest and his uncle now kept the wellbeing of his little sisters over his head.
██▌ Now his uncle has ‘retired’ of sorts and relies intensely on the findings of Enoch to support his sleazy lifestyle, erratic as he is, Enoch can never expect when
██▌ the man will call him with threats of what might happen to his sisters if goods don’t arrive soon. Enoch’s stomach cringes and blood boils at practically having his
██▌ sisters held hostage but he’s a diligent worker – their safety and happiness always the priority on his list, making it easy for him to rationalize what crimes he
██▌ might commit to assure this. Through his travels he’s seen most of the known world but the Rainbow Region happens to be one of those exceptions. He’s
██▌ curious as to what might be in store for him here; hopefully bountiful with natural treasures.

▌█ : ✧「 LIKES

-- bird-esque pkmn
-- homebrewed moonshine
-- technology (new stuff is fancy for him, he's acustomed to technology from decades ago)
-- new challenges and adventures

▌█ : ✧「 DISLIKES

-- interference with his work
-- being lied to
-- being asked about his employers or the outcome of work
-- critique


-- n/a; father - deceased.
-- n/a; mother - deceased.
-- keinan; uncle.
-- ina; elder sister - deceased.
-- eli & abi; younger twin sisters.

▌█ : ✧「 ROMANCE

-- pansexual.

▌█ : ✧「 OTHER

-- his "hunts" revolve around a game of cat and mouse; he prefers to do all subduing by hand though his pokemon are respected allies
-- his quiver contains two indicated arrow types (there's a third but we won't get into that):
-- yellow tipped arrows mark the beginning of the hunt; the arrowhead contains a transmitter that can be tracked with his pokegear his his prey gets too far
-- green tipped arrows mark the end of the hunt; the arrowhead is a capsule holder, it's use being universal whether as to capture or possibly propel a partner a certain distance
-- in his pastime he tinkers with apricorns and makes his own capsules (he might even make some for you if you're friends!)
-- he also makes his own moonshine from various berries, carried via gourds; he likes to have a drink after a successful hunt
-- though it tends to get him into a bit of cultural dissonance seeing as he's underage

▌█ : ✧「 POKEMON

-- HUA; shiny pidgeotto
-- ability: keen eye
-- 5'3" / 78 lbs
██▌ The abnormally hued Pidgeotto has been a life-long partner of Enoch’s having met her on his
██▌ first hunt on the island of Fairchild, home to giant Pidgeot and Rhydon. While his uncle poached
██▌ on the Rhydon, young Enoch gathered eggs from nests, in their escape one of the eggs hatched
██▌ into young Hua. Surprisingly his uncle’s greed didn’t overcome him, avian were a symbol of prosperity,
██▌ bravery, and divinity, to them, it was a sign of good luck to come and his uncle let him keep the
██▌ big bird. Being born from the Pidgeot of Fairchild it’s noticeable that the haughty bird is larger than
██▌ her species counterparts. Hua is definitely spoiled by Enoch and easily gets jealous when his attention
██▌ is on anything other than her, but the bird is a hard worker and prides herself on her skills, which is
██▌ rightly deserved.

-- MISAE; larvesta
-- ability: flame body
-- 3'8" / 65 lbs
██▌ tba

-- EBERRON; charmander
-- ability: blaze
-- 2' / 16 lbs
██▌ tba

-- SALUKI; zigzagoon
-- ability: pickup
-- 1'10" / 16 lbs
██▌ tba

-- TBA; kangaskhan
-- ability: scrappy
-- 7'09" / 201 lbs
-- TBA | TBA | TBA | TBA
██▌ tba
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